ValcoBlast - An Overview
KRUMREY Industrial Minerals
VALCOBLAST is your premium non-hazardous blasting
media alternative
to soda
that can be used with your standard blast pot or with
your existing soda blast pot
2. More Angularity, Sharper Corners –
More Material Removed Faster
a. Reducing Pressure 20% gives Equal
b. Reducing Pressure 20% Means 20%
Less Fuel Per Hour
c. Reducing Pressure 20% Means 20%
Less Material Per Hour (for every hour you
run, you get up to an extra 24 minutes or
more free)
1. Lower Specific Gravity – More Material Per
Cubic Foot –
a. Valco Blast – 62#/cu ft   Soda – 80# / cu ft   
Coal Slag –100# / cu ft
b. Lower Specific Gravity Means You Use 20%
Less Material Per Hour than using soda or 40%
less than using coal slag  (for every hour you run,
you get up to an extra 12 minutes free for soda or
24 minutes free for coal slag)
4. Harder on MOHs Scale – Less
Dust When Working (Valco Blast-
5.5  Soda-2.5) Means a more
friendly Work Environment for
Your Employees
5. Valco Blast removes rust from
metal surfaces where baking soda
does not.
6. Amorphous, Non-Reactive and
Non-toxic, Non-Hazardous and it leaves
no residue. **AMORPHOUS
(NON)-SILICATE based means Valco
Blast is NOT a carcinogen!**
7. Or Crank The Pressure Back Up,
Move The Nozzle Back And Save Over
40% on Your Labor and 20% on Material
(like getting up to an extra 3-4 hours
production per day)

8. ValcoBlast #3 is far superior to soda
for graffiti removal, cutting away the
offensive materials with minimal damage
to the substrate.

ValcoBlast in use